Spacetime Fabric Conditioner

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Limited Run - Tour Edition

1. Everlife
2. Von Kármán Vortex Street
3. Falling Up Ladders
4. Glassdüst at the Dísablót
5. Time Horse
6. Omphalos
7. Run Into Space (The Ascension of Nightjar)

“In Spacetime Fabric Conditioner, they sound larger than the sky above and everything that lies under, imagine the Mahavishnu Orchestra after reading the Necronomicon, or Magma rocking from the apex of the pyramid where the remnants of mankind resist against the hordes of Eternal Darkness. Imagine. That’s what it’s about.”
- 20 Jazz Funk Greats on Spacetime Fabric Conditioner

“We have a serious band here, this just might be the missing link that glues together the classic English prog of long past days and the forward looking musical adventure of now. ”
- Organ Magazine on Spacetime Fabric Conditioner

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