The Phantom of the Opera - CD

Image of The Phantom of the Opera - CD


Deluxe Digipak COMPACT DISC. Limited #1000 copies worldwide. Contains one extra bonus track not included on the vinyl version.


01. Hidden from Man and Sun
02. Faust Phantasmal
03. The Chaos of the Cursed House
04. Under the Earth and Across a Black Lake
05. Languish in Love (Erik and Christine)
06. The Face of Terror (Metamorphosen)
07. Above and Beyond (An Impossible Love)

08. I Am Ledoux
09. Evil Spirit
10. Watery Grave
11. Spectral Fury (Voices from the Room of Many Mirrors)
12. Heat, Intolerable Heat
13. Scorpion vs Grasshopper
14. The Strangler's Cord

Bonus Track

15. Master of the Dark Arts (The Strangler's Cord - Extended Mix) This bonus track is exclusive to the Cassette, CD & Download Editions